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Tara volunteer tayo.

Sa lahat po ng volunteer, share your contributions and your opinions. ^_^ - Rcolvina

hey share your knowledge : ) - keith

Suggestion in posting articles about DISEASES

I'm no doctor or scientist in this field but while I'm browsing some sites talking about Diseases, they have no specific format or I mean posting. Hence I came up on this idea in posting articles about DISEASES here in WIKI. These are the following:

1. Definition
2. Symptoms (primarily the basic ones so young ones can understand it too.)
3. Bacterial Species (these are useful for college students) may be optional
4. Evolution (optional)
5. Transmission (how it is transmitted) (optional)
6. Diagnosis (optional)
7. Prevention (step by step procedures)
8. Epidemiology (also useful for college students) may be optional
9. History
10. References
11. Further Reading (optional)
12. External Links
13. Treatment

Any suggestions also may edit these and I'll appreciate it so much.

Happy WIKI!!! ^_^ - Rcolvina

Actually the editors are planning to include topics on the diseases in the future. This could be our outline for the articles. Are you interested in contributing? :) --Cityboy 13:52, 23 October 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)

Suggestion in posting articles about Philippine Dramas, Films, Actors, Actresses

i hope everyone was posting some our philippine media, like this [[1]] thanks ^__^ let's spread Philippine Media!!